Precision Carburettor components for world renowned carburettors & fuel pumps like Depression assy. / Throttle plate fitted butterfly / Casted parts / Main Jets (Different Nos. Available) / Pilot Jets (Different Nos. Available) / Starter Jet (Different Nos. Available) / Air Correction Jet (Different Nos. Available) / Accelerator jet (Different Nos. Available) / Floats available in Nylon, Brass, Derlin & P.U. Rigid / Needle valves assy. / Plunger diaphragm / Air screws / Mixture Screw / Needle valve seat / Slow Running Adjuster Screws / Solenoid valves / All types of gaskets kits / C.B. Shaft Assy. with Disk (Butterfly)/ Throttle Plate Assy./ Float Chamber Cover Assy./ Thermostat Assy. / Vacuum actuators / Inner Venturies ( Primary & Secondary) / Atomizers / throttle valves / Choke Assy. / Mixture Screws / Pump plungers / Throttle plates / Float chamber cover etc. for different types of world renowned Carburettors.

Fuel Pump components like Fuel Pump Repair Kit, Diaphragm assy., Diaphragm layers / Spindle assy. / Rocker Arm / Valve Assy. Main Lever, Diaphragm spring etc.
Rear chain wheel sprocket for all Motorcycles / Mopeds
Fuel strainers & fuel filters for all Cars, Jeeps, Tractors, Motorcycles, Mopeds Etc.
Fuel cocks & petrol taps for all Motorcycles, Scooters & Mopeds
Petrol tank caps for all Motorcycles, Scooters & Mopeds


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